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However much we are enjoying setting up our first Rural Affinity film festival, seeing the concept grow from an idea to becoming a reality, we do need your support.

Everything related to the festivals is being undertaken by volunteers from Canillas de Aceituno and the surrounding villages.

Rural Affinity film festival is managed under the umbrella of Canillas Creative Community, a non profit organisation based in Canillas de Aceituno, Spain.

Ulule RAFFA 2021

To enable us to achieve our objectives and bring this festival to fruition. We need your support in the way of funding donations.

​To create the festival we need to purchase all the necessary equipment, which the local council have offered us help with. We also have various other costs such as transport to move the equipment, organising and categorising the films ready for showing, printing posters and programmes, plus a multitude of other costs associated with putting on an enterprise of this nature.