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A film makers story - Episode 1

Antonio Carlacci at 79 years of age, knew the difference between a good film, a great film that achieved OSCAR Nominations, and that most vaunted of film, the multi Oscar winning award movie. Today, this very late afternoon as he and the producer of probably his last great movie looked at the vista, he realised he longed to return to his beloved Lombardy, and rest his aged bones and brain that had served this film business for, well all his working life since leaving the little village school to watch the filmmakers on the local location set, then run errands, going on to be an extra, the little boy with the hoop, the little boy in the fig tree, The young man making up the numbers in a crowd scene, but who stayed on and helped build and dismantle the sets. Now he, the French film director and the director of photography stood on the hillside outside Canillas de Albaida looking up at the late Autumn sun that would in spectacular fashion set in precisely fifteen minutes over the distant mountains. If they were going to shoot this eight minutes continuous climactic scene to the eagerly anticipated film, a decision would have to be made within the next two minutes; and it all depended on one little cloud in the sky, lazily drifting on that Autumn evening towards the setting sun, it, the cloud little knowing that week’s had been spent, and millions of dollars expended set building, props hired, Panavision and Panflex cameras airlifted to the top of Mount Maroma, and other peaks far across the valley. The teams of electricians, camera men, folio and Grip all on overtime rates. That one little cloud could make all the difference between a nomination and an Oscar!

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Acknowledgement to Adam Adams